The Red Bull.

The Red Bull.

Based on a painting of Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff (from ca. 1950)

An expressive bull with a size of 185 x 120 cm.

For this image the Venetian Smalti glass is used produced by Orsoni. By processing the glass stones almost without joints, the colors become optimal.

This bull mainly wants to show how strong he is and how dominant.

The way in which AllDesign produces a mosaic differs strongly from the usual methods. The end result is that the material is anchored in a glass fiber reinforced Acrylate with a thickness of approx. 8 mm. It is very strong and relatively light in weight. It can be further processed in all possible ways.

Measurements: 185 x 120 cm.

Weight: ca. 65 kg.

Wooden frame.

Price: 3500,- euro.