Meet and More

Meet and More

Nice meetings ask for an inspiring and challenging environment. Sometimes they are present but we can also make good ones themselves. In the street, in squares, the mall, the playground, the school square, the park, etc. The more surprises in public space, the more opportunities for unexpected events and more people to connect, inspire and invite.

Architects, urban builders, landscape designers, artists are supposed to be able to, but actually everyone can contribute to the challenges.

Walking, amaze, surprise, play, meet, have fun and more.

We want to make a start. We want to surprise people with different experiences.

-  Images of groups of animals that everyone knows. They are painted with colorful decorations. You can touch them, climb up and       play with them.
-  Fantasy sofas lined with colorful mosaics.
-  Different types of puzzles, with amazing motifs and colors, invite to play and more.
Adopt an image or bank and make the decorations themselves, with school, association or neighborhood.