The "Group of Delft"

The "Group of Delft".

The manivestation "The Group od Delft" to;d the story of students from the Department of Architecture at the Delft University of Tecvhnology, who in the 1930's asked for the renewel of atchitecture education.

The discussion was on that moment mainly influenced by the forthcomming celebration of the 16th lustrum of the Student Corps and the international Cirriculum architecture wich brought together all headings of the CIAM to Delft.

The foundation Analyses of Building STAG has requested attention for that manifestion of the 1930's through similar events as organized by the students. The edetion of the boek "Jan Albarda and the Group of Delft" gives a detailed picture of that agitated time and also paid attention to the live of the students involved.

The exhibition is a support for the publication of the book. The information panels and the computer presentation are designed by Julia Aleksandrova.