Documentary film “For a New World”

Documentary film “For a New World”

A film about the past and present of the city of Kemerovo in Siberia

In 1921 an agreement was signed between Lenin and representatives of the US and the Netherlands that enabled the recruitment of foreign workers to help develop an industrial base in the new Communist Russia.

It was only after the Second World War that there was any interest in the history of this Communist initiative and in the relationships within this Russian-Dutch-American triangle.

This film recounts the history of the Kuzbass Autonomous Industrial Colony. It also relates the events of the years 1921–1927 to today’s world and examines how inhabitants of the Kemerevo district in southwestern Siberia regard the idealist notions of the former colonists. Is there still such a commitment there to reshape society?

In a completely changed Russia, where democratic rules increasingly call the tune, is there anything left of the enthusiasm of the Autonomous Industrial Colony of the 1920s?