Alexey Dainzon

Alexey Dainzon

Alexey Dainzon is a mosaic artist and environmental sculptor living and working in a seashore city   Ashkelon in Israel, seeking to extend artistic boundaries, using various techniques and materials. He was born in 1974 in Perm, Russia.  In 2002, he graduated at the Kungur Art College, specializing in stone indoor sculpture.  Dainzon, being a freelancer, participated in a number of art exhibitions and collective art projects both independent and municipal in his native city Perm. Today his (professional) artistic life can be divided into two periods: works in stone and works in mosaics.

Alexey is currently running his own company, Mosaics DA, creating sculptures in mosaics and mixed techniques for interiors and landscapes both private and public. 

Combining tradition and contemporary approach, he made a complete restoration of 1938’s building and reconstructed existing drinking fountains in Ashdod.  He creates public mosaic sculptures (with different functions, practical and visual),”The Blooming Boat” , “The Whale” , “Octopus” to name a few, a permanent urban sculptures  for the city roundabouts.

His works are in several private collections in Russia, Germany, France, and Israel.

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