EcOman Center, Oman

EcOman Center, Oman

We were commissioned to build this futuristic museum by Petroleum Development Oman. PDO produces gas and oil throughout Oman and wishes to build up and maintain good relations with all the country’s inhabitants.

Every five years they present a “gift to the nation”, the most recent being this high-tech museum for sustainable energy. The so-called EcOman Centre was developed by Dutch architects and designers. The museum is to make visitors aware of the importance of new and sustainable sources of energy as an alternative for oil and gas.

A team of Dutch designers, architects and producers led by the brothers Jelle and Peter van der Toorn Vrijthoff worked for eighteen months on the circa 700 m2 museum.

Others who contributed to the project are Bruns BV (general contracting and production) and Northern Light (exhibition design).

The EcOman Centre is an inspirational, multi-media facility where visitors learn along active lines about green energy and green living. The museum divides into three segments, Power Tower, Energy Journey and Better World, Better Living. An interactive program shows visitors how energy is produced, as well as the global threat posed by current energy consumption and the emergence of new and sustainable alternatives such as wind and solar energy and blue energy (salinity gradient power). A wide range of experiments makes for a lively combination of education and entertainment.

The EcOman center got the Oman Green Award in 2011 by the Ministery of environment and the Ministery of hHealth.;